How To Get Rid Of Dark Patches Under Eyes

Get rid of dark patches under eyesThere are many reasons why you might have dark patches under your eyes, it could be bad diet, or because you have an allergy, aren’t getting enough sleep, or it could just be a genetic thing.

This page has some tips on remedies for under eye puffiness, and it explains all of the different causes for dark patches under your eyes.

Once you’ve gone through the simple things you can do like a cold compress in the morning, or cucumber on your eyes, (and in your diet), you make sure to get the full eight hours sleep, cut out smoking and drinking and you still have dark patches under your eyes, there is one thing left that you can do.

Chemical Treatment For Dark Patches Under Your Eyes

Any dark or red patch of skin can be treated effectively with a skin bleaching cream, like the one mentioned in the You Tube video I just linked to.

The product contains the active ingredients arbutin, and glycolic acid, which are well known, safe and effective chemicals which whiten the skin, without harmful side effects, although you do have to be careful not to get them in your eyes.

There are some things you should know, such as if you have naturally dark or tanned skin, bleaching the dark patches under your eyes will not be enough, and you will also need to bleach the rest of your face to a lighter shade to match.

The cream works gradually in stages, so you do not become bone white after one application, and you can see how it’s changing your skin color as you go.

This is the safest, most effective cream on the market, but it should only be used with the supervision of an expert, like the experts at Tonique Skin Care.

There’s a link to their site on the home page of this blog, or in the description of the video I linked to.

You should do your research carefully, and perhaps learn about all the non-chemical remedies for dark patches under your eyes first, and maybe consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

However, if you have tried everything else, then this cream is certain to lighten any patch of skin on your body, in a safe and effective way.