Celebrity Skin Bleaching

Celebrity skin bleachingIt seems that getting fairer skin is turning out to be a latest addition in the wish list of most of the celebrities.

If you are finding it hard to believe then simply take a look at the photos of two singing sensations – Rihanna and Beyonce Knowles.

Google out some old and recent photographs of both the celebrities, and you will be left amazed to notice the difference between their then and now skin color. No doubt, there has been massive change in their skin color lately.

Now, both of them look much fairer than before. In fact, Rihanna, once recognized as a dark skinned African has now turned into a complete caucasian. What is the reason anyway?

Skin whitening or skin bleaching is getting popular among the celebrities, which includes movie stars, news anchors, and porn stars too.

Bleaching Skin, Society And Celebrities

I am not of the opinion that dark complexioned people are second to fairer ones in terms of beauty or appearance. For me, both white and dark skin color exude beauty.

Nevertheless, we cannot overlook the fact that more people or rather celebrities are going the fairer way. So, that really grabs my attention to jot down few must know facts about skin whitening.

In simple words, we can explain skin bleaching as a method of using chemical substances in order to lighten skin tone by lowering down the concentration of melanin in our skin cells.

Apart from lowering down the concentration of melanin, bleaching also help achieve even skin complexion. So, the prime reason is to achieve fairer and spotless skin tone.

Now, owing to the increased market demands, more numbers of brands have made their way into the market. So, are all of them safe enough to be used on our sensitive skin? Certainly not! You should always go with the big and reputed brands or manufacturers of skin whitening products.

Most of the reputed brands use either Kojic acid, arbutin, or glycolic acid. So, before you pay the money, check out the prime bleaching agent used in that package.

However, in case you are not so sure about how to find the right skin whitening product or how to use them, it is better to see a cosmetic surgeon or skin care specialist to get these product applied.

But if you do seek out a plastic surgeon who can give you the same non-surgical treament, you should be ready to leave your wallet at their mercy. So, measure up your options well before taking any step.