Dangers Of Skin Bleaching Products

Dangers Of Skin Bleaching ChemicalsIf you are planning on bleaching your skin white, you should be aware that there are many products out there with bad side effects. There are good products, but you have to be sure you’re taking the right one.

The dangers of skin bleaching need to be taken seriously, because in some cases, the damage caused by unsafe treatments and preparations can be permanent.

The main toxic chemical you need to watch out for is mercury, and for more information on which products have been found to have it as an ingredient, check out this page on mercury in skin whitening products.

That’s bad enough, but there are also chemicals in creams prescribed by doctors which have terrible side effects when used for long periods of time.

The main chemical I’m talking about there is hydroquinone, and some of the side effects include thickening and bruising of the skin, and even nausea and headaches when absorbed into the blood at a high level of toxicity.

In many countries it is banned but you can still get it on prescription in the US and some countries do not have the same regulations, and it appears in creams sold over the counter in chemists and also through online websites.

There are also pills you can swallow, and even injections you can take to supposedly make your skin white, but it’s either a scam, or it’s dangerous and the only real way to get safe and effective results is through using a cream with the right ingredients.

The right ingredients to bleach your skin safely are arbutin and glycolic acid. There are a few other chemicals that also work well, like kojic acid, and to some degree, lemon juice or ascorbic acid, but the best are the first two I mentioned.

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