Dangerous Side Effects Of Hydroquinone In Skin Whitening Products

Ochronosis hydroquinoneThere are still some skin whitening creams on the market including prescription medications that use hydroquinone as their active ingredient.

In some countries like England, this chemical has been banned, because it has some serious side effects such as thickening of the skin, bruising, rashes, and ochronosis.

As you can see in the photos, (taken from a Google search on ochronosis hydroquinone), there are some really serious problems caused by this dangerous chemical.

The science says it’s simply not safe for long term use on humans, period. Mercury has also been found in some skin whitening creams from Asian and African companies, and obviously the dangers of mercury have been long known. So what other chemicals can be used instead?

Safe Skin Whitening Chemicals With No Side Effects

The best chemicals to look for in a skin bleaching product are alpha arbutin, glycolic acid, kojic acid and sepiwhite FSH.

There aren’t that many other alternatives, and these ingredients are known to be effective, and have been tested for many years without problems.

You can buy products containing these chemicals over the counter at a chemist, or you can buy online.

The best place to buy online is Tonique Skin Care, an American company who specialize in making skin lightening products, and have been doing it for over ten years.

Their creams and lotions are proven to work with no harmful side effects, and it’s all FDA approved.

If you buy from another company in a country that has no such regulations, you are taking a risk, because there’s nobody looking at what they put in it.

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