Bleaching Your Skin Safely At Home

Woman In WaterThere are only a few “right” ways to bleach your skin, whether at home, or in an expensive cosmetic surgeon’s office.

You don’t want to mess around with toxic chemicals that may cause damage and side effects to your skin, you have to use the right chemicals, for example, you don’t want to use actual bleach.

So, this post will answer all your questions on how to bleach your skin safely at home, and point you towards the best products available.

What Chemicals Should I Use?

This is the first and most important thing to get right, the type of chemicals used to whiten the skin on your face, and body.

You could start with a natural, homemade skin whitening remedy, such as lemon juice, perhaps mixed with yoghurt, or a paste made of crushed almonds.

Ginger or turmeric are also good skin brightening chemicals, with brightening being a word used in the industry to describe a very mild lightening effect.

These natural food based chemicals won’t give you very powerful results, so you will probably want to use one of these chemicals:

  • alpha arbutin
  • glycolic acid
  • kojic acid
  • sepiwhite FSH

How To Apply The Chemicals?

There is no set way to apply, but you are probably better off to buy a cream, and gently massage it into your whole body, making sure not to get it in your eyes.

You have to apply right up to your eyes to make them lighter as well, but you need to take a lot of care, these harsh bleaching chemicals can hurt, or possibly even do damage, but that’s the same with a lot of shampoos like dandruff shampoo or hair dye.

If you have light skin, you may be able to get away with just bleaching one area like your face, or even just using it on one patch of dark skin, like a birthmark or scar.

If you have dark skin, it will be very obvious if you don’t bleach your entire body from head to toe, because you will have some dark patches left, if you don’t bleach them.

Which Product To Buy?

Color Me BeautifulThere are many different products on the market, which range in cost and quality quite a lot. Your best bet is to buy a product made in the United States, because anything made there will have to pass the FDA regulations.

There are some brands on the market, or that may have been removed from sale now, which were found to contain mercury and hydroquinone, two chemicals which can have very bad side effects when used over a long period of time.

Tonique Skin Care is based in Maryland, USA, and they have been selling skin whitening products online for over ten years, with tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

Some people have been using the creams and lotions available on the site since it first started, and there are absolutely no negative side effects reported from long term use, only positive results.

Is It Permanent?

No, if you stop using the products from Tonique, your skin will gradually start to turn back to it’s original color, as the younger skin cells grow and replace the older ones, which fall off naturally.

If you want to maintain the results, whether full white, or a mild lightening effect, you need to continue using the products on a weekly or even daily basis, for as long as you want the effect to be maintained.

If you have any questions about the whole process, send an email to: along with a photo of yourself if possible, and explain what results you hope to achieve. They will point you in the right direction about which products to buy and how to use them.