Tips On How To Whiten Your Skin

Before And AfterThis post will teach how to whiten your skin effectively at home, and safely as well, which is the most important thing.

The first thing you need to know is what chemicals to use. The best chemicals for skin lightening or bleaching at home, or in a cosmeticians office are:

  • alpha arbutin
  • glycolic acid
  • sepiwhite FSH
  • kojic acid

These chemicals are safe, over the counter, tried and tested chemicals that have been used successfully by customers of Tonique Skin Care for over a decade.

Other companies out there may use unsafe active ingredients, which is the danger of using a cheap, unregulated alternative.

This company is based in Maryland USA, and is one of the largest companies exclusively specializing in skin whitening products.

All the items on the site are FDA approved, and suitable for long term use, to maintain the lightening effects for a lifetime if wanted.

The best way to learn more is to visit the site, read the product descriptions, and then you can either buy through a credit card and the product will be delivered to you in a few weeks, anywhere in the world, or you can get in contact with the support team to get further advice.

The email address is, just send them a description of your skin type, color and any distinguishing features, and even attach a photo if needed, to describe what your skin needs are.

They will give you the advice you’re looking for, tell you what products to use, and how to apply them to get the best results possible.

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If you want more information, visit the Facebook page of the company, Skin Whitening Tips.

Skin Whitening Tips

There are so many causes for the stain and colored spots on one’s skin like freckles, inherent marks, scars, sunburns, accidental fire marks, marks due to intake of polluted water, age spots, spots due to improper digestion and kidney malfunction.

Moreover, products such as Tonique offer to lighten the color of the skin for those who just want to be a lighter gloss all over the face or body.

Whitening of the skin can be achieved by so many different methods. One of them is natural or herbal processes or creams and solutions like lemon and lime juice, as vitamin C has minimal effect on the skin.

Another way is to get a prescribed cream from a doctor, but most of the time doctors are hesitant to recommend for soft bleaching chemicals. Sometimes they may prescribe but only for a short period.

The ultimate suggestion for whiten the skin is to use the powerfully branded skin whitening cream available in the market. It is wise to remember to know about the brand quality and effectiveness. The brand that has a delicate research section is highly recommended.

You can choose the brand website click on the photo or the written link for the cream or lotion and read the article to know about their details specifications, ingredients and commitment to the effectiveness. It is not true all the time that valuable products will be more effective. Sometimes new products with low prices may be more effective.

If you are not satisfied with the brand details in the article, someone can contact with the brand master or customer support staff to get the required information on the particular cream or lotion.

It’s very crucial to know about your skin spots or requirements to choose the right product for yourself. There are different creams and lotions for different purposes. If you want to remove only spots on your skin, the effective cream is different from that of whitening cream. Moreover, whitening creams are different for the oily skin and the rough skin.

In case you are not so sure about your skin needs you can contact the support team or the beautician of the brand and tell about your skin condition to help you out with the right product for you.

Do not try low price creams cosmetics without knowing the ingredients, sometimes it may worsen your skin with providing skin burn or itching. The inferior products sometimes use harsh chemicals like mercury. Therefore, one must use the inferior products on a test basis and a little amount and wait and see the result for few days.

Know your skin problems and needs clearly, if you are not clear take help of the beautician or brand customer support or doctor for the appropriate suggestion or recommendation for the removal of your spots, marks, burns, pigmentations. Always try to use the proper cream for your skin. Appropriate cream will bring you the best whitening of your skin.