Why Skin Whitening?

Skin WhiteningSkin whitening is one of those things that many people have become obsessed with these days. This topic is being discussed all over the place, including the tabloids, talking about huge Hollywood stars “allegedly” whitening their skin. Maybe there are several questions in your mind such as why are people obsessed in lightening their skins? What is so special with light skin?

Skin whitening has been intensively advertised in magazines, newspapers, fashion journals, and television among other advertisement platforms. There are numerous photos of beautiful women and handsome light skin men on the internet.

These advertisements make you develop a subconscious thought that you will look like the models in those ads when you whiten your skin. These advertisements have made society develop a notion that skin whitening make you more presentable and beautiful, and if that perception exists, it becomes an important part of your own presentation to the world.

There is a cultural aspect to it, as in many parts of the world, it’s seen as a status symbol, as the richer classes didn’t have to go out and work in the sun, and it’s also a way to appear more like the majority which are white people in Western countries. Skin lightening has spread to many parts of the world including Asia and some parts of Africa.

Although skin whitening is a very hot topic in today’s society, there are some individuals who have not been affected by this topic. Some of the reasons that may make you be left out of this topic include:

1. You already have a light skin: If you already have a fair skin tone you do not have to engage in the skin lightening activity.

2. You have accepted your dark skin: There dark skin individuals who are comfortable with their skin color. There other who have been prohibited by their culture from interfering with their natural appearance.

3. You are not aware of skin lightening: Most individuals especially those who live in areas outside of the reach of Hollywood media may not be aware of skin whitening. They may not know that there are creams that can be used to change the skin tone.

However, the number of individuals who have whitened their skin has continued to increase over the past several years. There is a wide variety of skin whitening products in the market, but the ones being used by most individuals nowadays are those sold by Tonique Skin Care.

Before Tonique product started to dominate the market, people used to use products containing hydroquinone and mercury. Unfortunately, these bleaching chemicals raised endless health issues. These products have been associated with various adverse skin conditions and certain types of cancer as well.

The Importance Of Using The Right Product

Safety is one of the main factors that individuals are being advised not to forget before engaging in any activity, especially involving their skin, the largest organ of the body. Skin whitening is a major process thus you should not ignore any detail about the process. It can be very frustrating to apply a skin whitening cream expecting to achieve positive results, but your skin get damaged instead.

There is sufficient information on the internet detailing how you can distinguish a good product from a faulty product. Most legit companies such as Tonique have gone an extra mile of providing an option for private customer support to make sure that you well and effectively served, and use the right chemicals in the right way. Using the right skin whitening product can yield amazing results but, on the other hand, fake products can result in irritating skin damages.

It is very necessary that you research adequately about skin whitening products. Research will also help you understand the products much better hence it will be easier for you to choose the best product.

If you want to understand the basic chemicals used in these creams, take a look at the Wikipedia page on Skin Whitening. Once you know what to look for, you should probably buy from the leading US made brand, Tonique Skin Care. The link is in the sidebar.