How To Exfoliate Your Skin Using Natural Products For Anti Aging Effects

Facial ScrubsThere many factors that can ruin your skin complexion that include toxic substances in the environment, prolonged exposure to direct sun rays and ignorance of good skin care.

But since you cannot spend the whole your life indoors, there are products out there that can help you maintain a youthful, glowing healthy skin tone no matter which activities you engage in.

 There are two alternatives to staying inside all day, i.e. use of natural homemade products or use of skin treatment creams.

Homemade products can be easily obtained without incurring heavy costs. However, the homemade natural products cannot be used to treat complex skin conditions since they only have mild effects. 

If you are new to using chemical skin care products, you can try these natural facial scrubs as a test and to get an idea of what taking care of your skin can do.

Here we are going to look at some of the homemade natural products that you can use to exfoliate your skin. Most of the products that we are going to discuss here are usually more effective on the face, one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

Sugar facial scrub

This is facial scrub should be used before taking a shower. You are supposed use fine sugar to scrub your face gently with your fingertips in a circular motion. Always ensure that you have worked on all parts properly, face and neck to avoid a partial treatment. Wash your face and neck with cold water once you are done scrubbing. Note that you should not overuse sugar scrubbing, once every week is enough.

Sunflower seed facial scrub

Soak the sunflower seeds overnight, grind the seeds and mix with yogurt to make a granular paste. Add a small content of saffron, (optional),  then apply the paste gently on your face. After about 30 minutes, wash your face while scrubbing it gently.

Orange peel scrub

Peel some oranges and dry them in the sun to make them crispy. Grind the crisps into powder and mix it with yogurt to make a fine paste. Apply paste on your face gently, wait about 15 minutes for it to dry, then rinse your face with cold water scrubbing it gently in circular motions. Orange peel scrub is great in lightening pigmented areas and also in the removal of blackheads.

Oatmeal facial scrub

Oatmeal And Honey ScrubMix honey, milk and granular oatmeal to make a fine paste. Gently apply the paste on your face or on the areas that require treatment. After a few minutes, scrub your face gently with a loofah then rinse with cold water. You can add some granular sugar to make oatmeal scrub a more effective skin whitener for some areas such as knees and elbows.

Barley flour facial scrub

Barley flour is the other products available in most households that can be used to make a great anti aging treatment. Make a fine paste by mixing barley flour, rose water and a few drops of lemon. Apply the paste on your face and leave it to dry but not for too long. Gently scrub the paste with your fingertips and then rinse your face with warm water.

Tea dust and gram flour scrub

This scrub is made by mixing gram flour, tea dust and milk cream in equal portion to make a fine paste. Gently apply the paste on the area that requires skin lightening and rinse it gently after some time. Remember that tea dust and gram flour scrub is not suitable for sensitive skin; however, it is very effective on the tough skins such as around the knees and elbows.

Chemical Anti Aging Creams

Skin Renew

If you are not willing to go through all the work of making your own wrinkle treatments, (especially given they are a hundred times less effective than a quality chemical skin care product), you can opt for using one of the products sold by Skin Renew, a side company of Tonique Skin Care, an American company with over a decade of experience in the skin care industry.

They started out making primarily skin lightening creams, but found that older customers were reporting amazing effects in their skin, not just looking lighter, and more even in tone, but also looking years younger, healthier, and positively glowing in appearance.

There are many different chemicals used in the variety of products on the site, and you may want to ask for advice from the expert support team before buying. There’s a contact form on the site, or you can send an email to to ask them to put together a treatment plan for your individual skin.

Attaching a photo of yourself helps them to give you the right advice, and you might also agree to being one of the before and after testimonials. If you really want to make your skin look younger, it doesn’t take all that much, in money, or time, as long as you know where to look.