Is There Still Racism in Hollywood?

White Hollywood Movie StarsThere is still quite a lot of racism going on in Hollywood, in terms of who is considered for a role, or a job on a TV show.

It’s not that the producers and executives themselves are racist, but more that they understand certain facts about what the mostly white audience feels most comfortable with.

For example, studies have shown that people are not comfortable watching a man who talks in an accent or a “black” sounding voice reading the news.

People are less likely to buy an album if it has a very dark-skinned person on the cover. Asians and middle-eastern people have it even harder, as they seem like more of a different race, especially if they have an accent.

This may not even be a conscious decision by the public, but just an underlying prejudice or instinct going back to cavemen days to trust their own kind more and to be wary of different tribes of people.

So what sometimes happens is agents or executives suggest that the stars should try to become more “white” so as to have a larger appeal.

This is literally true in the case of skin bleaching in Hollywood stars, where African-Americans or dark-skinned celebrities whiten their skin to fit in, and boost ratings or record sales.

Who Is Being Told To Be More White?

There are quite a lot of very famous black people who don’t look as black as they once used to. For example, there is Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and of course Michael Jackson was a very famous celebrity who went white, for medical reasons.

It seems that skin bleaching is a very popular trend, but it’s not like it’s a new thing either. People have been dying their skin white for thousands of years, going back to the Ancient Egyptians.

In India and China it’s seen as being a status symbol for a woman to have very white skin, because the rich ladies stayed inside all day, while the poor ones had to work in the rice fields.

In medieval England and western Europe, people powdered their faces and wore white wigs, which was quite a bizarre fashion trend really.

If you are thinking of trying a skin bleaching treatment yourself, you have to be careful to use the right one, as there are some dangerous products on the market, available over the internet, a couple of brands have been found to contain mercury.

It’s even dangerous to visit your doctor to ask for a prescription, as they may prescribe a cream containing hydroquinone, which has damaging side effects when used for longer than a couple of weeks in a row.

You should avoid any product that says you can get whiter skin through taking a pill orally, or giving yourself an injection, and you need to research the active ingredients and history of a company before you put anything on your skin.

How Do You Bleach Your Skin?

Often the Hollywood stars will get this treatment done by a cosmetic surgeon, and that can cost a fortune, but you don’t want to go too cheap either, as it is important to get the right expert advice, and a quality product.

There are some people who would feel very insulted that anyone would even suggest that they should try to be more white, that it would be selling out their own identity.

The world of show business can be harsh, a world where models are actually encouraged to make themselves throw up or even take addictive drugs to lose a few pounds.

Every detail of a person is judged by experts on what people want to see, in order to get the highest possible profit from a project.

My feeling is that it is up to the individual, but hopefully we will as a society gradually lose this subliminal racism towards Hollywood stars, and they will not be pressured into changing the way they look naturally, which there is of course nothing wrong with.

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