Skin Lightening At Home

Tonique.jpgHaving beautiful skin is everybody’s wish, but most people do not achieve their dream due to the use of the wrong skin care products, or inaction.

Skin lightening at home is a delicate process, and if anything happens to go wrong, you can be left with a lot of regrets, and perhaps even permanent side effects.

There are lower quality products out there online, but if you can find a quality company that has been around for many years, selling FDA approved products, and they have no bad reviews, you can be fairly certain they sell creams that work.

Natural remedies involve the use of things that are usually available in many households to treat the skin. Some of the products that you can use as natural remedies for skin lightening include honey, almonds, yoghurt, sugar and lemon juice among many other things, the effectiveness of which is practically nothing.

The preparation of natural products involves a simple process that takes a short time. If you are engaging in skin treatment for the first time, you can consider starting with natural remedies before undertaking a more complex form of treatment with stronger chemicals, but the most you can expect is a very minor change when using vitamin C.

Natural remedies usually have a mild effect and take long before the results start showing up. Therefore, natural remedies are not the best method for skin treatment especially when you want to treat a complex condition such hyper-pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation.

If you are looking forward to treating a complex skin problem with something that works, you can consider going for a more advanced form of treatment which involves the use of chemical skin lightening creams. These are more powerful than natural products, thus they give better results within a short time frame, but you have to get the right one.

Today’s market contains many skin care products that the manufacturers claim has the best results. Unfortunately, not all the information available on the internet is true. Most of the cheap products out there contain harmful ingredients that can damage your skin instead of giving you the results you are looking for, simply because the right ingredients cost a little more to make.

It is important that you be cautious when buying the skin lightening products because some have been found to contain mercury, hydroquinone, and even household bleach, which all have bad side effects when used over a long period of time, which is the only way to maintain results.

One of the factors you need to consider when buying a skin whitening cream is the active ingredients. Always ensure that you buy products that contain natural over the counter ingredients since they do not pose health danger or side effects.

Tonique Skin Care skin lightening creams are known to contain safe ingredients which include alpha arbutin, glycolic acid, sepiwhite MSH, and various botanical extracts, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants.

Tonique is a skin care company based in Maryland, USA thus all of their products are FDA approved, and they have been in business for over two decades, thus they have lots of experience and skills in making the right lightening products for all skin types.

For more information about Tonique skin care products and personalized advice on the best treatment plan for your unique skin, you can contact their expert support team by sending an email to or

More About What Not To Buy

Always avoid products containing harmful ingredients such as mercury and hydroquinone. These ingredients were widely used in skin bleaching creams, but they started raising health issues which include kidney failure and a causing a certain type of cancer.

The products that you should avoid are those that has been put on the market recently. New products may result in severe side effects that have not yet been identified. You can check the experience and the reputation of any company by checking the reviews and testimonials from the company’s previous clients which will help to determine whether they are reliable.

The other skin care products that you should avoid are those from unregulated regions such as some parts of Africa. Any healthy product that is not subjected to any form of restriction may be substandard or may contain harmful ingredients which can harm your skin instead of giving you the results you were looking for.

It is good to note that different skin types react differently to skin lightening creams thus you should ensure that you have purchased the right product for your skin. If you have a very dark skin, you may be required to buy a powerful skin lightening creams. A light skinned person, on the other hand, can achieve great results by using creams that have mild effects.

If you have difficulties in choosing the right cream for your skin from the available varieties you can seek assistance from the support team. It is also highly recommended that you send your recent photo to the support team so that they can analyze it and give the appropriate advice. Choosing the right cream for treating your skin type does not only give you the result you were looking for but also produce results quickly.