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This product is one of the package deals on the Tonique Skin Care website, a company that has been manufacturing skin whitening products for over a decade.

They are based in Maryland USA, have sold to thousands of satisfied customers, are fully FDA approved, and make the highest quality, safest, most reliable skin bleaching creams, lotions and gels on the market.

By clicking on this photo, you will be taken to the product description page on the site. There you can browse their selection and buy individual items, or buy multiple products in a package deal like this to get better value.

You may want to talk to their support team about which product would be the best to buy for your individual skin, and about how to apply it, to get the results you’re looking for.

Send an email to: or start a live chat, and include a detailed description of your skin, or a photo if possible, and also what you want to achieve by using these products.

You can buy using a credit card, and the product will be sent out to you anywhere in the world, within a few weeks.

Safe skin bleaching productsThere are many companies out there who claim to offer safe skin bleaching products, and some of them are safe and effective, while others aren’t.

Every individual who uses a product like this will need it for a different reason, so it’s not a one size fits all thing.

For example, the directions for use for a person with very pale skin and freckles on their face would be quite different to someone who has dark skin and patches of white, or red or dark marks on their face and body.

When you come to the decision that you want to undergo a skin bleaching treatment, you need to carefully research the safest and most effective way to get the results you are looking for, or there may be some nasty unwanted side effects involved.

For a start you have to find the right products which use the right active ingredients, and Tonique Skin Care is perhaps the best out of the bunch, as they use a combination of arbutin and glycolic acid in their creams, which is well known to be safe and effective, without any harmful side effects.

Whether you have freckles, or age spots, birthmarks, or some other skin condition that gives you uneven skin tone, you need to understand how the process works, and not just buy the first product that you see with a good price.

You can get a prescription cream from a doctor, although doctors are hesitant to give out prescriptions for the most potent skin bleaching creams, and if you are buying online, you have to ask yourself the question: is skin whitening safe?

You need to consult with your doctor, and your pharmacist, do your research carefully online to work out which active ingredients produce the results you want, and whether those results are going to be what you are looking for on your particular individual skin type.

A famous case of a dark skinned person who bleached his skin white was Michael Jackson, and he used a prescribed cream containing hydroquinone, which is a very powerful bleaching chemical, not recommended to be used for longer than a few weeks at a time.

It does have some side effects, such as thinning of the skin, and potentially rashes.

A non-prescription cream containing arbutin is probably the best place to start if you have some serious marks on your face that you want to even out, but remember that it is easier to bleach patches of your skin if your overall skin color is already white in color.

Find Out More About Skin Bleaching

If you want to learn some more about skin bleaching, and general skin whitening techniques, take a look at the Facebook page for the company: Skin Whitening Tips.

That should give you a lot of helpful links and information about the best way to identify your skin type and how to apply a cream effectively to even out your complexion in a safe and effective way.

You can also visit the main site, (the link is in the sidebar), and get some skin whitening tips there. On that page, you can find a great selection of trusted high authority Wikipedia and medical journal pages, which explain more about the effectiveness of different treatments, but I think you will find that the Tonique Skin Care brand is the market leader when it comes to skin whitening products that are safe, and leave no harmful side effects.

There are some sub-standard and even dangerous products on the market, so make sure you do your research carefully, and if you don’t want to start off with the most powerful skin lightening creams straight away, you might want take a look at this blog post on homemade skin whitening remedies.


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